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There’s no such thing as too many comfortable kicks, especially when it comes to house shoes. Nothing feels better than coming home and sliding my tired toes into soft, crunchy slides that make me feel like I’m walking on air. Last year my partner and I stumbled upon a pair of the popular Bronax cloud slides on TikTok and they were an absolute game changer. I’m happy to report that not only can I personally corroborate the hype around these super foamy slides, but they’re currently up to 43% off at Amazon.

Join likes Fran Disher and Rosie O’Donnell And snag a pair for yourself and your loved ones. They’re unisex but are listed in women’s and men’s sizes, up to 14 1/2 and 12 1/2, respectively. You can get them in 16 fun colors, so you can find the one that best suits your personal style. (Note that some colors are discounted as low as 43%.)

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But aside from the wide range of colors, they also have great reviews on Amazon mentioning how helpful they are for people with painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis. This supportive cushioning comes from an EVA sole, which is as soft and lightweight as it gets. It offers surprisingly good stability, has great shock absorption and is pressure resistant. What more could you want from an everyday house slice? I might talk myself into getting another pair.

Peek at some of the glowing reviews on Amazon, then pick up a pair (or two) for yourself and save.

“I bought these because I needed some slippers just for the house. I’ve bought all kinds of brands from $100 to $3 Walmart brand. Got these after a lot of searching and damn did they prove me right. After 3 minutes I’m addicted. The slippers are so cute and soft it’s like walking on clouds. It gets good traction on slippery water floors. Slippers Don’t chafe my feet When I don’t wear socks. To wash them, I hose them down or take them into the shower with me and brush them off. They only have one big downfall which I absolutely do not want. Oh my gosh, I find myself wearing them everywhere. Grocery store BAM SLIPPERS Go out to dinner BAM SLIPPERS Take out the trash BAM SLIPPERS Head to the park for a picnic BAM SLIPPERS I think you get the idea here. I got them and let my girlfriend try to peddle them and I got hooked. I got her a husband. My boyfriend and I went swimming and he didn’t want to burn his feet, so let’s just say it together for now… BAM SLIPPERS. Now he got a pair with his girlfriend. In conclusion, these slippers are the best and most comfortable. As cumbersome as it is, you can make yourself and others addicted to these slippers quite easily. Buy at your own risk.” – Brian Rodriguez

“I wanted some house slippers that could give me some relief when walking around the house doing chores, especially standing for long periods in the kitchen preparing meals. I’ve had fuzzy slippers before, but they don’t have any support, and the fabric is dirty.” , not a good investment. But when I bought this. Oh, my God. My bows sang in the sky. My heels cried tears of joy. My balls started clapping and it hasn’t stopped since. Seriously, this is stupid convenient. I can stand for hours without pain. They don’t lose their integrity over time and mold to whatever the shape of your foot, like memory foam mattresses do. I will agree with other reviews that the color is a bit off. I ended up getting the olive green and it turned out to be more of a booger color. I honestly can’t be mad though as I would wear it to the ends of the earth and enter battle no matter how gross the color is. I will also agree with other comments recommending sizing up. Stop wondering when your feet will be happy around the house again. The solution is here just buy them.” – Emily

“I was really skeptical of the hype but you can’t go wrong with these slippers. They’re so comfortable. They’re made of some kind of foam material, so it’s not fuzzy plush, but quilted plush. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a rubber floor.” I have arthritis so I need insoles with cushion and support and these are my absolute dreams. – Augie

“I’ve been looking for a soft pair of ‘slippers’ for a long time. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and osteoarthritis in my heels. I was told I could no longer go barefoot. These are by far the best insoles/slides I’ve found! They are very comfortable to wear all day if you can. I would recommend that you get a larger size. I wear a size 10 and ordered a women’s size 10.5-11 and they fit perfectly! I highly recommend these slides! – Marilyn Pollan

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