Former CEO of Creative Licensing at TikTok Rich Sica A veteran of the commercial music industry Jack Bradley And Aleena Bissett have collaborated to launch juiceA new music company laser-focused on social media and short-form online content for brands and creators. This team was built by combining their expertise in the exact needs of music for Social First Creativity. With a focus on speed and the earworm ethos inherent in effective social posts, they will collaborate with brands, marketers and content creators to produce customizable, turnkey music solutions that drive brand awareness for their partners. Curating an ever-growing library of tracks made by relevant artists and branding music experts will allow marketers to move very quickly without sacrificing creativity and engagement.

Juice knows the vital role music can play in putting brands in the driving seat of their campaign’s success, and the importance of a streamlined process that overcomes potential legal issues that accompany music in the space. From Grammy-nominated composers and producers to viral TikTok creators, they’ll tap into a vast network of composers and artists who are ready to record short music. Recognizing the incredible importance of creators in the social space, they are putting artists at the forefront of their audio approach for campaigns to be launched via TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Short. Their approach focuses on creative synergy and customizability. From a deliberately curated music library of artist-created tracks, to tracks created for the unique creative scope of a short campaign, Juice knows finding the right song is worth the strain.

While creativity and collaboration are a top priority for Juice, they also understand the hurdles brands face when it comes to producing content that engages viewers in a timely and relevant way, while avoiding the legal pitfalls of redeeming media in the uncertain digital age. Bradley notes, “Redeeming music is one of the top challenges that brands regularly face when navigating the rapid production cycle of social media content. We make the process as turnkey as possible with Juice by offering both exclusive pre-scanned music and custom collaborations with our network of musicians Incredibly talented and diverse. We know that to be relevant on social media you have to be fast, but we know you can’t sacrifice creative synergy and copyright laws to make it happen.”

“For social media content, users are physically on their phones, and sometimes brands don’t realize what a different level of engagement can be.” Sika adds. “Social media has completely changed the content game for brands, but there is so much potential in this new landscape. With the potential to reach millions of eyeballs in less than 48 hours with continuous organic engagement, the true extent of a carefully executed social campaign is underestimated. Really at a price.”

Rich Sica, creative director of Juice Consulting, recently spent two and a half years at TikTok, overseeing creative music licensing across North American and Latin American markets and working with brands that leveraged the platform’s first audio library of royalty-free music and platform distribution and artist marketing service, The Voice. Enabled. Combined with a decade of experience spanning roles at major agencies such as R/GA and 72andSunny and working across various roles in the music industry, his influencer relations leadership background will allow him to have a comprehensive understanding of all operation goals.

Who will go on to run the commercial music store HiFi Project in addition to Juice, Jack Bradley, Juice’s Managing Director and Head of Production, Alaina Bisset, will bring their deep relationships to artist, record label, and knack for commercial music production to streamline collaboration between artist, label, and label. On a timeline and scope for social media. The team’s collective experience includes audio collaboration on social media campaigns for top brands including Progressive, Dunkin Donuts, Aetna, Macy’s, Simmons, and more.

About juice

Juicy is a new flavor of the music company that focuses on social creativity first. Offering custom, sip-sized music solutions for social media and short-form content, their team and curated network of seasoned producers, artists, and influencers understand the power of music to create social campaigns that engage and drive excitement.

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